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A Rumble of War

In War by Barry Strauss

Spring 1941. A young man in a small town in Poland hears the constant noise. In little Staszów, 75 miles northeast of Cracow, you couldn’t miss it – the reverberation of German artillery and armored cars, driving through town night and day, riding through the market square and out Church Street toward the Golejów Forest, on the new road built …

Barry StraussA Rumble of War
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Magna Carta – An American Tourist

In Masters of Command by Barry Strauss

       After spending several months last year in the Library of Congress and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, Magna Carta is back home in England. But events of the last century might have given it a very different fate. It’s a tale that involves the 1939 World’s Fair, the Second World War, an English cathedral and Winston Churchill. Eight hundred …

Barry StraussMagna Carta – An American Tourist
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Barbarians Rising

In Hannibal's Path, Spartacus by Barry Strauss

Barry had a great time doing interviews for History Channel’s new series, “Barbarians Rising,” which has its US and World Premiere at 9 p.m. Monday June 6. The subject is the warriors and rebels who went up against one of the greatest empires in history – Rome. What leadership skills did they display? “You had to be a bit of …

Barry StraussBarbarians Rising
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“The US military is one of the greatest fighting forces in history”

In Masters of Command by Barry Strauss

At the USAF Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado yesterday President Obama said the US has the greatest military in the history of the world.” I was asked to comment and responded thus:   “If it’s pardonable exaggeration for the president to call the US military the greatest fighting force in history, it is not an exaggeration by much. No one …

Barry Strauss“The US military is one of the greatest fighting forces in history”
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D-Day, A Myth to Live By

In Masters of Command by Barry Strauss

          I was five years old in 1959 when Cornelius Ryan’s The Longest Day appeared and it was probably another 20 years before I picked up a copy but I was already hooked. The 1962 movie – or, rather, the re-release several years later – made me a fan. It was, in its way, my Game of Thrones: an epic …

Barry StraussD-Day, A Myth to Live By
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“MY HONOR FOR MYSELF” – The Liberation of Rome 1944

In Rome by Barry Strauss

The Allies marched into Rome on June 4, 1944. Some years ago I asked a US army veteran who was there about his experience. “It was the greatest day of my life,” he told me. “The streets were lined with crowds. Everyone was clapping and cheering: Americani! Americani! Viva gli Americani!” American troops came into town through the Porta San …

Barry Strauss“MY HONOR FOR MYSELF” – The Liberation of Rome 1944