American Dunkirk

In General, Rowing by Barry Strauss

New Orleans is soaked with water. Tampa is full of hot air — and that’s just the press. Actually, with so many of them holding their mouth in a permanent sneer, it’s a miracle that they get the air out. Case in point: I tried to find a transcript of Rick Santorum’s speech online last night. I watched it on …

Barry StraussAmerican Dunkirk

Some Roads Lead to Rome

In Caesar's Ghost, Leadership, Masters of Command by Barry Strauss

Kathleen Parker’s op-ed in today’s Washington Post, “All Roads Lead to Rome,” woke up Caesar’s Ghost. “Hail, Professor!” “Hail, Dictator!” Kathleen Parker complains like Cicero, about the times and the mores. Today’s politicians, she says, are constrained “to say as little of substance as possible and to say it often.” The citizenry has become a distracted mob, unable to focus …

Barry StraussSome Roads Lead to Rome

Let the Games Begin

In Caesar's Ghost by Barry Strauss

I summoned Caesar’s Ghost to enliven the dog days of August. “Hail, Professor!” he said, as he rose from the Underworld.  “Hail, Caesar!” One set of games closed this weekend in London and another opened in Washington. Don’t you think so, Dictator? No. Other games of even greater moment took place in Cairo. Egyptian President Morsi fired his generals. This …

Barry StraussLet the Games Begin