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What Good Is Liberal Education?

In General by Barry Strauss

In his latest op-ed for The American Interest, Strauss discusses the imperative for a renewed focus on liberal arts and humanistic studies in a landscape where university students increasingly choose pre-professional career paths in economics, finance, math, science and technology. Citing other recent articles on the subject, Strauss explains that liberal arts classes train young minds to think broadly and …

Barry StraussWhat Good Is Liberal Education?
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Barron’s Review of The Death of Caesar

In The Death of Caesar by Barry Strauss

Joe Queenan published a book review of The Death of Caesar last week for Barron’s. Read the full review by scrolling below: A Swarm of Snakes in the Grass: The Betrayal of Julius Caesar How often are assassins on a first-name basis with their victims? John Wilkes Booth had never even met Abraham Lincoln; Gavrilo Princip had never broken bread …

Barry StraussBarron’s Review of The Death of Caesar