Radio and Review Roundup

In Masters of Command by Barry Strauss

“absolutely first rate” — G. Gordon Liddy For the podcast of my interview, see   “In all, Strauss weaves a glorious tapestry with many vignettes featuring each of the three commanders….he compares the three in ways that are not all immediately obvious, drawing on a fully stocked supply of anecdotes and details.” —  

Barry StraussRadio and Review Roundup

Caesar on Leadership

In Caesar's Ghost by Barry Strauss

Today is publication day for Masters of Command. I’m asking each of the book’s three masters for the lessons of his leadership. Yesterday I interviewed the ghost of Hannibal and Sunday I spoke to the shade of Alexander the Great. Today I speak to Caesar’s Ghost. Hail, Caesar. What makes you a greater leader than Alexander or Hannibal? “Hail, Professor. …

Barry StraussCaesar on Leadership