Won’t You Come Home, Bill Windsor?

Posted by Barry Strauss on August 1, 2016

Bill WindsorAbout this whole presidential election thing…couldn’t it all be somehow less fraught? As William Seward, Lincoln’s Secretary of State once said, “We elect a king for four years.” Some of our presidents have been giants but most, not so much. Well, what if we didn’t need to elect a king because we had a king?


Imagine if America were a constitutional monarchy like Britain or Canada. Instead of picking a President we could elect a government. The Prime Minister would not be head of state, but merely the king or queen’s first minister in Congress…or Parliament. No White House for the Prime Minister, no 21-gun salutes, no Hail to the Chief. The Prime Minister would be just a public servant.


Meanwhile, in the White House, we would have a monarch. I nominate HRH Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge. He, his wife Kate, and their two lovely children, George and Charlotte, would make a superb American royal family. The British won’t want to give them up, of course, but maybe, just maybe we could entice them here.


You’ve heard of Brexit…I want Brenter! Come back, please! Two hundred forty years after the Founders severed ties with King George III, let’s restore his descendant. And then let’s relax over the choice of our next Prime Minister.


Bill Windsor, Won’t You Please Come Home?