Salamis with Professor Barry Strauss

Posted by Barry Strauss under on October 17, 2023

The battle of Salamis was the defining naval conflict of the ancient Greek world. Occurring in the wake of the Greek defeat at Thermopylae, the allied Hellenic fleet lined up in the narrow strait between mainland Attica and the nearby island of Salamis. Opposing them was the might of Persia’s seabound forces. Although whittled down somewhat via storms, attrition and conflict, the Mede still outnumbered their opponents by a ratio of around 4 to 1.

Joining Steven Whitehead on the Spartan History Podcast to discuss the conflict is Cornell University Professor and esteemed author, Professor Barry Strauss. Released in 2006, his work titled the Battle of Salamis was in the Professor’s own words his ‘love letter to Athens.’ And it is to the Athenians that the lion’s share of glory belongs to in this episode.

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