Episode 2.2: The Assassins

February 18, 2019

Who were the men who plotted to kill Caesar and what were their motivations? Join me and classicist Michael Fontaine to find out.

Episode 2.1: Caesar and Cleopatra

February 11, 2019

Caesar’s relationship with Egypt’s Queen Cleopatra marked a turning point on the road to the Ides of March. Join me and historian Durba Ghosh for a lively conversation.

Episode 8: Caesar

January 7, 2019

Would you die for dignity? Julius Caesar unleashed a civil war for it, and tens of thousands of Romans followed him into blood and destruction.

Episode 7: Spartacus

December 17, 2018

Would you die for freedom? Learn how Spartacus and 70+ gladiators set Italy ablaze in their quest for liberty…and for revenge.

Episode 6: Hannibal

December 10, 2018

Would you die for a leader who seemed to be Mars himself: the god of war come down to earth? That was the question for the followers of Hannibal.

Episode 5: Alexander

December 5, 2018

Would you die for a dream? If the dreamer were Alexander the Great, you might.

Episode 4: Pericles

November 26, 2018

Would you die for democracy? That’s what Pericles of Athens asked his countrymen to do in 430 BC in the most famous Funeral Speech until Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. He and Aspasia were the first power couple in the history of democracy.

Episode 3: Leonidas

November 12, 2018

What would you do if you had to die to save your country? Leonidas and 300 Spartans answered that question at the Battle of the Hot Gates – Thermopylae, 480 BC.

Episode 2: Helen of Troy

November 12, 2018

Would you die for the most beautiful woman in the world? She was Helen of Troy and this is her story – and that of the Greeks and Trojans who fought over her.

Episode 1: Achilles

November 10, 2018

What would you be willing to die for? For glory? The West’s first great hero, Achilles, was — this is his story.

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