Happy Ides of March!

Posted by Barry Strauss under on March 15, 2016

Today is a great day…except if your name is Julius Caesar!

To commemorate the Ides of March, there have been many notable postings on the Internet highlighting The Death of Caesar:

  • The Wall Street Journal has published an excellent op-ed of mine discussing the leadership failures on March 15th, 44BC (reading the article may require a subscription so stay tuned for it to appear in the articles section of the website)
  • An interview with TIME Magazine discussing the true history of Julius Caesar’s assassination
  • Meanwhile, The London Telegraph has touted The Death of Caesar in it’s ’10 Facts’ articles about the Ides of March murder
  • CNN has quoted me in an article about Russia partially withdrawing its troops from Syria — ““By helping their friend in Syria without getting bogged down in a quagmire, Russia offers quite a contrast to American policy in the region.”
  • And the praise for The Death of Caesar travels across the globe with a glowing review in the German newspaper Die Welt. Here’s a quote for all those who can’t read German: “…the American Barry Strauss provides a refreshingly different perspective on the death of Caesar. … That Strauss makes a passionately written story out of a dizzying set of sources is not the least achievement of his book.”
  • Lastly, CNN’s On GPS has posted a video interview with me entitled, “Re-investigating the death of Julius Caesar”
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