In Caesar's Ghost, Masters of Command by Barry Strauss

As the year 2011 nears its end, I called on Caesar’s Ghost to look back – and look ahead. I asked the dictator his main impression of the year. As a general, I could not help but hear the profound blast of the trumpet sounding the retreat. The Americans have pulled back in the Middle East. Once there were 170,000 …

Barry StraussRetreat

Chanukah à la mode

In General by Barry Strauss

In the name of enlightenment, the government stepped in. Parents said they were circumcising their infant sons, and thereby carrying out a basic commandment of their God. Doctors said that circumcision improved public health. The government knew better: it was mutilation, plain and simple, and an attack on helpless babies. The practice dated to time immemorial, but now it was …

Barry StraussChanukah à la mode