Germany Means Cars

In General by Barry Strauss

Germany means cars. It wasn’t always so, I confess. When I was growing up and reading recent history, Germany meant trains to me. Trains – and the awful whistle of the engine on a one-way trip to a death camp. But times change. Today Germany is a staunch ally of Israel. Chabad Lubavitch, a worldwide Hasidic Jewish movement, has 14 …

Barry StraussGermany Means Cars

Caesar, Spartacus, and NATO

In Caesar's Ghost, Masters of Command, Spartacus by Barry Strauss

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of taking a staff ride to the site of one of Julius Caesar’s battles in Gaul. It was part of my visit to SHAPE in Mons, Belgium, where I was invited to lecture on military history. SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers in Europe) is NATO’s military wing. My companions on the staff ride …

Barry StraussCaesar, Spartacus, and NATO