Our Bald Eagle

In General by Barry Strauss

We had a new visitor on the Inlet this summer–a bald eagle, who, mornings, sat on a dead tree branch just across the water from the Cascadilla Boat Club boathouse. He made a majestic sentry as we headed out for a row. One morning, though, I noticed that he wasn’t there. I found him afterward, as I drove home after …

Barry StraussOur Bald Eagle

Goodbye to All That

In General by Barry Strauss

It was the best rowing summer I’ve had in a long time, but it came to an early end. I woke up one morning in late September with a sore ankle. It turned out to be tendinitis. And it has stayed and stayed. Three weeks later I’ve graduated to an orthotic boot. While my ankle seems to be on the …

Barry StraussGoodbye to All That