Recent Journalism and Reviews

“Roman Political Lessons for Today,”

“Brutality and Benevolence,” A review of Ataturk: Lessons in Leadership from the Greatest General of the Ottoman Empire (World Generals (Palgrave MacMillan)) by Austin Bay, The New Criterion (March 2012), 68-71,—benevolence-7314

“Anatolian Crossroads,” The New Criterion (October 2010), 30-34, (fee charged).

Recent Scholarship:

“Slave Wars of Greece and Rome,” in Victor Davis Hanson, ed., Makers of Ancient StrategyFrom the Persian Wars to the Fall of Rome. Princeton University Press:  2010, 185-205.

“Sparta’s Maritime Moment,” in Andrew S. Erickson, Lyle J. Goldstein, and Carnes Lord, eds., China Goes to Sea: Maritime Transformation in Comparative Historical Perspective. Annapolis, MD: U.S. Naval Institute Press: 2009, 33-62.

“Athens as Hamlet: The Irresolute Empire,” in David Edward Tabachnik and Toivo Koivukoski, eds., Enduring Empire: Ancient Lessons for Global Politics. Toronto: University of Toronto Press: 2009, 215-226.

“Military Education: Models from Antiquity,” Academic Questions 21 (2008): 52-61.

“Chapter 4: Combat: (b) Naval Battle and Sieges,” in P. Sabin, H. van Wees, and M. Whitby, eds. The Cambridge History of Greek and Roman Warfare. Volume I: Greece, the Hellenistic World, and the Rise of Rome. Cambridge University Press: 2007, 223-247.

Citizen Soldier

Citizen-Soldier“, Parameters. US Army War College Quarterly, vol. XXXIII, no. 2 (Summer 2003): 66-77. Thoughts on Citizen-Soldiers

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