Freedom Rising

In General by Barry Strauss

In 480 B.C., an invading army captured Athens and destroyed the temples on the Acropolis of Athens — the “High City,” a natural, rock fortress in the heart of town. It took more than 40 years before the Athenians rebuilt and rededicated those temples. But it was worth the wait because the new Acropolis was crowned with a landmark in …

Barry StraussFreedom Rising

Interview with the Ithaca Times on the Death of OBL

In General by Barry Strauss

Cornell expert: Risky Bin Laden operation ‘great achievement,’ but terrorism remains – Ithaca Times : News By Rob Montana | Posted: Thursday, May 5, 2011 1:21 pm Like many Americans late Sunday night or early Monday morning, the news that Osama bin Laden was dead – and at the hands of U.S. forces – came as a shock to Cornell …

Barry StraussInterview with the Ithaca Times on the Death of OBL

Germany Means Cars

In General by Barry Strauss

Germany means cars. It wasn’t always so, I confess. When I was growing up and reading recent history, Germany meant trains to me. Trains – and the awful whistle of the engine on a one-way trip to a death camp. But times change. Today Germany is a staunch ally of Israel. Chabad Lubavitch, a worldwide Hasidic Jewish movement, has 14 …

Barry StraussGermany Means Cars

The Stones of Antioch

In General by Barry Strauss

Last June I contemplated one of history’s little ironies. It happened in Antioch. Today, Antioch is Antakya, a small and charming Turkish provincial town. But some two thousand years ago it was a Greek metropolis. In the second century B.C.E., Antioch was the capital of the mighty Syrian-Greek empire. It exercised a magnetic attraction over the elites of the east …

Barry StraussThe Stones of Antioch

Our Bald Eagle

In General by Barry Strauss

We had a new visitor on the Inlet this summer–a bald eagle, who, mornings, sat on a dead tree branch just across the water from the Cascadilla Boat Club boathouse. He made a majestic sentry as we headed out for a row. One morning, though, I noticed that he wasn’t there. I found him afterward, as I drove home after …

Barry StraussOur Bald Eagle

Goodbye to All That

In General by Barry Strauss

It was the best rowing summer I’ve had in a long time, but it came to an early end. I woke up one morning in late September with a sore ankle. It turned out to be tendinitis. And it has stayed and stayed. Three weeks later I’ve graduated to an orthotic boot. While my ankle seems to be on the …

Barry StraussGoodbye to All That

I’ve Been Reading Too Many Blogs

In General by Barry Strauss

Why does so much of what I read on the Internet read something like this? Game on! Push came to shove but the other guy doubled down. No matter: they brought knives but we brought guns. What else could we do? We were roiling with conflicting emotions. Now, skeptics may scoff, but the real story here is the back story. …

Barry StraussI’ve Been Reading Too Many Blogs

Great Moments in Fighting Back

In General by Barry Strauss

“Federal prosecutors are expected on Monday to request a judge’s permission to obtain DNA from Mr. Abdulmutallab [the alleged terrorist on Flight 253] to compare with DNA found on remains of the device taken from the aircraft.” –Wall Street Journal, Monday, December 28, 2009 Let’s not copy the Greeks’ and Romans’ brutality, but acts of war require a tougher response …

Barry StraussGreat Moments in Fighting Back