Best Views of Rome

In General by Barry Strauss

Everyone who visits Rome has his or her favorite spots to view the city that needs more than one lifetime. Here are five of mine. Send yours, please! The Pincio The Gianicolo The Aventine The Cupola of St. Peter’s The rooftop of the Sofitel Hotel

Barry StraussBest Views of Rome

McDonald’s Class War with Milan

In General by Barry Strauss

Upscale shopping mall cancels the lease of a down-market store to make way for something more exclusive. Mass versus class – an old story, except that in this case, it involves the politics of global capitalism, an agile turnabout by a clever marketer, and the brio of Italy. Continued at: McDonald’s Class War with Milan, Real Clear History, October 22, 2012

Barry StraussMcDonald’s Class War with Milan

Neo-Fascism’s Stunning Rise in Europe

In General by Barry Strauss

The past weighs heavily on us. That’s the message that I got during the first week of a sabbatical in southern Europe. Two incidents, one in Rome and the other outside Athens, showed this roving historian firsthand the real presence of neo-Fascism. Continued at: Neo-Facism’s Stunning Rise in Europe, Real Clear World, October 5, 2012.

Barry StraussNeo-Fascism’s Stunning Rise in Europe

The Classics Shed Light on the Role of Leadership

In General, Masters of Command by Barry Strauss

Leadership is on our minds in this presidential-election year. Many books, schools and seminars teach leadership, and often well. But there’s no manual like the classics. Continued at: The Classics Shed Light on the Role of Leadership, Real Clear History, October 3, 2012

Barry StraussThe Classics Shed Light on the Role of Leadership

Killing of an Ambassador: A History Lesson

In General by Barry Strauss

Killing an ambassador can lead to dire consequences. President Obama has promised that the killers of U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other State Department employees will be brought to justice. Indeed. Justice is essential, but equally essential is taking the fight to the terrorists who were behind the attack. The U.S. government now suspects an al Qaeda link. Continued …

Barry StraussKilling of an Ambassador: A History Lesson

Correction Course

In General by Barry Strauss

Yesterday I drove with a colleague through the lush Upstate New York countryside to the Auburn Correctional Facility. Better known as Auburn State Prison, it pioneered the notion of rehabilitating prisoners. It also pioneered the electric chair. My colleague, Emeritus Professor Richard Polenberg, is teaching a course at the prison on constitutional law and criminal justice. Cornell University, along with …

Barry StraussCorrection Course

American Dunkirk

In General, Rowing by Barry Strauss

New Orleans is soaked with water. Tampa is full of hot air — and that’s just the press. Actually, with so many of them holding their mouth in a permanent sneer, it’s a miracle that they get the air out. Case in point: I tried to find a transcript of Rick Santorum’s speech online last night. I watched it on …

Barry StraussAmerican Dunkirk

Rest in Peace

In General by Barry Strauss

Driving downtown on Route 13 Tuesday night I saw an unaccustomed sight: the American flag everywhere. It was draped over the railing of the overpasses, which were filling up with people holding small flags. Flag-wavers gathered on the road beside the high school as I walked by. When I turned onto Green Street downtown, the road appeared to be blocked …

Barry StraussRest in Peace

Chanukah à la mode

In General by Barry Strauss

In the name of enlightenment, the government stepped in. Parents said they were circumcising their infant sons, and thereby carrying out a basic commandment of their God. Doctors said that circumcision improved public health. The government knew better: it was mutilation, plain and simple, and an attack on helpless babies. The practice dated to time immemorial, but now it was …

Barry StraussChanukah à la mode