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The biggest loser

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MARCH 2013 The biggest loser by Barry Strauss Why the failings of Demosthenes prove his historical importance. When I was an undergraduate, one of my teachers used to talk only half-seriously about “Great Losers in American History,” beginning with Aaron Burr. It’s not a theme that George Patton would have warmed to. As the general said to the troops, “Americans love …

Barry StraussThe biggest loser

Alexander on Leadership

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In the run-up to the publication of Masters of Command on Tuesday, I’ll ask each of the book’s three masters for the lessons of his leadership. Today I speak to the ghost of Alexander the Great. Good morning, Your Majesty. What makes you a greater leader, O King, than Hannibal or Julius Caesar? “I made many Alexanders. From Ptolemy and …

adminAlexander on Leadership