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“Others follow their own lead and their own emotions. Don’t be distracted but go straight on.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations You’re in a large room. Everyone is looking in one direction, following reports from the media. Mainstream media, social media, and alternate media – all are pointing the same way, and everyone follows. Everyone, that is, except the one person …

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Barbarians Rising

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Barry had a great time doing interviews for History Channel’s new series, “Barbarians Rising,” which has its US and World Premiere at 9 p.m. Monday June 6. The subject is the warriors and rebels who went up against one of the greatest empires in history – Rome. What leadership skills did they display? “You had to be a bit of …

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Hannibal on Leadership

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In the run-up to the publication of Masters of Command on Tuesday, I’ll ask each of the book’s three masters for the lessons of his leadership. Yesterday I interviewed the ghost of Alexander the Great. Today I speak to the shade of Hannibal. Good morning, Son of Hamilcar. What makes you a greater leader than Alexander or Julius Caesar? “Both …

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Hannibal’s Path: Iran, Israel, and America

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Hannibal’s Ghost came back from his sacrifice. He had such a fierce look about him that I wouldn’t have been surprised if he had just passed a child through fire to Moloch. But I didn’t ask. “Welcome back, oh Subjugator of Spain. Before you left, you were clearing up my misconceptions about the Middle East. Let’s return to that subject, …

adminHannibal’s Path: Iran, Israel, and America

Hannibal’s Path: is War Coming in the Middle East?

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His bearded face had a weather-beaten look. His one good eye stared in scrutiny beside an aquiline nose. A man in his 60s, he still looked strong and unbowed–for a ghost. He was the shield of Carthage, the avatar of Hercules, the symbol of the one-eyed Celtic war god, the counselor of kings, the idol of the Army, and the …

Barry StraussHannibal’s Path: is War Coming in the Middle East?

Doing the Hannibal Haul

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During the recent backing and forthing over the Federal debt, did you ever wish that somebody would walk into the room and turn off the sound system? Well, two thousand years ago, Hannibal turned that wish into reality. The year was 202 B.C.E. and the great Carthaginian general had just lost the last major battle of his country’s long war …

Barry StraussDoing the Hannibal Haul