My take on Cato for City Journal and RealClearPolitics 0

My review of a new book on Cato, Caesar, the Romans and us is available in City Journal, here:

RealClearPolitics picked it up on Sunday, January 20, 2013 here:


“to be a bully”


“light up for joy.”

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Correction Course 5

Yesterday I drove with a colleague through the lush Upstate New York countryside to the Auburn Correctional Facility. Better known as Auburn State Prison, it pioneered the notion of rehabilitating prisoners. It also pioneered the electric chair.

My colleague, Emeritus Professor Richard Polenberg, is teaching a course at the prison on constitutional law and criminal justice. Cornell University, along with others, offers college courses for prisoners at various upstate facilities. A few months ago, Professor Polenberg asked if I would be willing to give a guest lecture. I agreed.


Caesar on Leadership 0

Today is publication day for Masters of Command. I’m asking each of the book’s three masters for the lessons of his leadership. Yesterday I interviewed the ghost of Hannibal and Sunday I spoke to the shade of Alexander the Great. Today I speak to Caesar’s Ghost.

Hail, Caesar. What makes you a greater leader than Alexander or Hannibal?

“Hail, Professor. Congratulations on your new book. With Caesar in the title it cannot fail.”

Thank you, Dictator.

“I can tell that you are busy today, so let me get right to the point – with audacity and speed. Caesar is Caesar, after all.