The Spartacus War
Strauss’ The Spartacus War tells the real story of the gladiator and rebel slave who was as much an insurgent, nationalist, and religious figure as he was a liberator.

The Trojan War: A New History
In this first full military history of the Trojan War, Strauss draws on revolutionary new archeological, linguistic, and cultural findings to give us a fresher, more accurate, and more controversial picture than ever before of the Greeks and the Trojans, and the conflict between them.

The Battle of Salamis
A ripping yarn of a world at the brink of annihilation and of the heroes (and fools) who brought it back from the edge. Strauss’s deep scholarship and clear prose bring the men and the era alive.

Rowing Against the Current
Rowing Against the Current: On Learning to Scull at Forty is a memoir that navigates through midlife rites of passage as it meditates on the techniques and history of rowing.