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Under the Banner of Women

Obama, Israel, and the Ides of March 0

Obama, Israel, and the Ides of March

The March of Scandal from Pericles to Petraeus 0

My piece for the History News Network: http://www.hnn.us/articles/149364.html

Some Roads Lead to Rome 4

Kathleen Parker’s op-ed in today’s Washington Post, “All Roads Lead to Rome,” woke up Caesar’s Ghost.

“Hail, Professor!”

“Hail, Dictator!”

Kathleen Parker complains like Cicero, about the times and the mores. Today’s politicians, she says, are constrained “to say as little of substance as possible and to say it often.” The citizenry has become a distracted mob, unable to focus long on anything, and so deluded that they will even cheer the loss of their freedom. It’s all, Ms. Parker says, reminiscent of the Roman Empire.

She has a point, don’t you think, Caesar? More