Caesar’s Ghost

My take on Cato for City Journal and RealClearPolitics 0

My review of a new book on Cato, Caesar, the Romans and us is available in City Journal, here:

RealClearPolitics picked it up on Sunday, January 20, 2013 here:

The Peter Pan Election 3

I summoned up the ghost of Julius Caesar to talk about the last night of the Republican convention.

Hail, Professor!

Hail, Caesar! What did you think of the final night of the Republican convention?

I think that Clint Eastwood should stick to the movies.

No, I mean, what did you think of Governor Romney’s speech?



Some Roads Lead to Rome 4

Kathleen Parker’s op-ed in today’s Washington Post, “All Roads Lead to Rome,” woke up Caesar’s Ghost.

“Hail, Professor!”

“Hail, Dictator!”

Kathleen Parker complains like Cicero, about the times and the mores. Today’s politicians, she says, are constrained “to say as little of substance as possible and to say it often.” The citizenry has become a distracted mob, unable to focus long on anything, and so deluded that they will even cheer the loss of their freedom. It’s all, Ms. Parker says, reminiscent of the Roman Empire.

She has a point, don’t you think, Caesar? More

Let the Games Begin 0

I summoned Caesar’s Ghost to enliven the dog days of August.

“Hail, Professor!” he said, as he rose from the Underworld.

 “Hail, Caesar!” One set of games closed this weekend in London and another opened in Washington. Don’t you think so, Dictator?

No. Other games of even greater moment took place in Cairo. Egyptian President Morsi fired his generals. This was a bold move, if predictable – it comes from the playbook of Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan.

What will the result be?



The First Man in an Investment Bank 0


My first night in Paris, I heard a knock on the door. It was the man who conquered France, Caesar’s Ghost.

“Hail, dictator,” I said.

“Hail, Professor.”

“Is it really you? Or is it the ghost of the wild mushrooms in tonight‘s souffle?”

“Caesar has indeed arrived.”

“What brings you here?”

“Caesar wishes to testify on behalf of his friends in finance.”

“What friends?”

“Bob Diamond. Jamie Dimon. Sir Martin Sorrell. Lloyd Blankfein.” More